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  • Are all your items handmade?
    Yes! All our products are handmade in small batches.
  • How big are the hats?
    The hats have been made with plenty of stretch so that one size fits most. No 2 hats will measure the same as each hat is made and then sticthed by hand. We do not use a machine to stitch the hats as this compromises the shape of the satin lining inside the hat. To give an approximate measurement of the hats, you can consider the below size guide - Length approx 10 inches - Hat circumference measured (inner circumference) from the inside approx 20 inches without stretch, 26 inches with stretch.
  • Dop you take custom requests for your products?
    No, we currently do not accept custom requests in terms of sizing.
  • Do you take custom colour requests for hats or pillow cases?
    Currently we are not taking custom requests for colours or sizes. But drop us a message at or instagram (@curlyandkind) as we may introduce this in the future and can add you to our new in stock alerts!
  • What makes your products kind?
    The simple answer is care! We care in the way we design and make our products, the fabrics we use, the impact of production to our environment. We care about the people who grow our produce for the lotions and potions and we care about our customers. We care a lot! If you have any problems with your products please let us know, we would love to hear from you and see how we could make it even better.
  • Are your products only for curly hair?
    No, our products are for everyone! The satin lining in the hats and pillow cases protects the hair from breakage and keeps the style in check and frizz at bay. The unique design of the hats means you can wear your hair your way, and switch things up with the pompom colour choices. Our handmade lotions & potions use natural, organic ingredients, which means better for you and better for the environment!
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