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Hi There, I am Sakshi, the curly haired girl behind Curly & Kind 

I began to look after my curls for the first time in 33 years after reading a book that suggested we should work with our curls (not against them) to embrace our curls and hair.

6 months of following this ideology, I had a realisation. That nature has given us everything we need to truly realise our hair's full potential. All we need to do is go back to our roots.


With this wisdom, and with the help of others who had already walked this path, I started to care for my hair with the most gentle and caring ingredients.

Summer came and I created hair masks to protect my hair from the heat.

Winter came and I created my own hat to protect my curls from harsh fibers.

My hair has never been happier and healthier. I just knew I had to share the love.


And just like that, Curly & Kind was born. The Brand is called Curly & Kind because that is the very ethos of caring for our hair as naturally as possible. To be kind to our hair, and to Mother Nature because we need the love to go full cycle.



We always use cruelty free ingredients, and try and source organic materials wherever possible. To help with our production process, we partner with social enterprises supporting women as well as with artisans directly. Our vision will always remain the same, empower women and nurture an ethical and fair trade environment.

Almost all our partners have one story in common. They all have come from a difficult socio economic background where job opportunities are scarce. We are so privileged that they have come together to handcraft Curly & Kind products, helping us build a stronger future and vision for all, together.


As we grow, our vision will always remain simple. To always be kind. Kind to our hair, and kind to the world.

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