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A beautifully soft, chunky and warm hand knitted hat made with non animal derived vegan friendly wool in maroon. Packed full of surprises, your hat will become your go to winter hair accessory.


Satin lining

Made with your hair and comfort in mind, the luxurious satin lining is kind to your hair and ensures your hair stays frizz free.


Removable pom pom

The pom pom can be removed and you can choose to wear your hair up and out or down. 



Our hats are super stretchy and also perfect for those with wool allergies as the satin lining and acrylic wool reduces any friction on your skin and scalp.


Mix & Match!

Customise your own hat! Choose your hat base, and mix and match with as many pom poms as you fancy - these pom poms are removable so why not have some fun!


Size Deets

Our hats are free size and stretch to fit most heads. They have plenty of stretch and stay comfortable on your head all day long. If in doubt, check out the product info section for specific sizing details.


Oh and that pom hole..

The removable pom allows you to wear your pony tail or curly pineapple out, however if your hair is very thick or very long the pom hole may not stretch enough as we dont make them very large as it compromises the shape of the hat. In the rare instance this happens you can still enjoy the satin lining and design versatility with the option of switching around your poms so that pom hole is a pretty awesome thing to have!


Pin this if you haven't had enough..

Why not add a pin to customise your hat and make your hat unique to you? Choose from 7 pins hand picked for you or take the full set! 

Baby Pink Satin Lined Hat With Removable Pom

  • Hand made hat

    Vegan friendly wool (nylon & acrylic mix material)

    Luxurious satin lining

    Hand wash with gentle cleansers recommended

    One size fits most - our hats have a minimum length of approx 10 inches. The hat circumference measured (inner circumference) from the inside approx 21 inches without stretch, 26 to 27 inches with stretch.

    Please note no 2 hats will be an exact measurement as they are all hand knit by approximation.


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