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Holiday hair? Gotta hair a pair! Our gold pillow cases now come in an XL size, compatible with most hotel pillow cases. Measuring 50cm x 90 cm these will fit most standard and hotel/ XL size large pillows.


After a standard size case or a different colour? Check them out here



Why Sleep on a Curly & Kind Satin Pillow Case?

Our gorgeous satin pillow cases are carefully handmade using the best materials. The materials are handpicked for it's quality, keeping in mind luxury, design and comfort. 


Satin pillow cases help keep your hair hydrated and protected while you sleep, including minimising any tangles due to the smooth weave of the fabric. They also keep your skin hydrated, making it the best sleep investment for your skin and hair!


Why are the pillow cases lined with organic cotton?

The organic cotton layer underneath the satin provides an anti slip feature. We double line our pillow case making it long lasting, durable and easy to handle.  You can even machine wash your pillow case by flipping the case inside out!


Why is the underlayered cotton unbleached and not white?

Our raw finish unbleached cotton is an acknowledgement to being kind to the planet. Regular bleached and dyed cotton is one of the biggest pollutants from the Retail industry. Using 16 percent of the world’s insecticides, dyed and bleached cotton pollutes our seas and waters. In addition, these chemicals have adverse effects on farmers health and surrounding communities.


Handling unbleached cotton is more challenging but we love what we do and won't change it for the world. The fabric is first washed in house and ironed to pre shrink, before it converts into a shiny new pillow case. Everything is done with love and care by hand, because our hair and this world deserves the TLC.


Why not buy a pair of pillow cases for lesser? One for the wash, one to sleep on. Double win? We think so!


XL Hotel Size Satin Pillow Cases with Organic Cotton Lining (Antislip)

  • Handmade Pillow Case

    Luxurious Satin Lining

    Standard Pillow Case Size 50 cm x 75 cm

    Extra Large Pillow Case Size 50cm x 90 cm


    Hand wash inside out recommended, however you can machine wash in delicate cycle


    Colours may vary slightly due to monitor settings.

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