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Ras hair juice is just what the doc ordered for shiny locks & a happy scalp!


The star of the potion in Ras is apple cider vinegar (aka acv) a firm Curly & Kind favourite to boost shine in hair and improve the health of the scalp by balancing the ph, reducing flakiness and itching. 


Our Ras is full of the 'mother' - the good stuff that ferments acv and gives it a probiotic boost.



Our ACV is homemade from orchard fresh organic apples and supercharged with a blend that elevates the potion to the next level. The result? A rinse that transforms hair into shine central and a super happy scalp - woohoo!


My homemade potions are an expression of love and I feel overjoyed to share this love with you, from my Curly & Kind family to yours.

Ras Hair Juice for Happy Scalp & Hair- 100ml

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  • Homemade organic apple cider vinegar

    Lavender Extract

    Rosemary Extract

    Orange Extract


    Vegan & Cruelty Free ❤️

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